Media Rating Council (MRC) Suspends Nielsen’s Accreditation

The MRC (Media Rating Council) recently voted to suspend Nielsen’s accreditation to measure national and local television after the measurement firm undercounted national TV household viewership during the pandemic. 从那时起, there have been several voices and articles challenging the validity of the MRC and its audit process, sometimes pointing to the number of potential […]


In order to promote sound brand-safety and suitability practices, the pg电子游戏平台登录’s 广告商保护局 has created the APB品牌安全自我评估 Guide – a 57-question, self-paced exam covering the following topics: Brand Safety & 适宜性风险承受能力 & Piracy Third-Party Verification Search Marketing Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Streaming & 连接电视(CTV)[…]

APB Blog – Importance of a Trusted Ecosystem

今天, the pg电子游戏平台登录’s 广告商保护局 (APB) is issuing a pledge of support from its members for third-party measurement & evaluations on every single ad impression. The advertising industry is in a constant battle to build and regain trust for its clients and the industry itself.  Every stakeholder in the ecosystem has a role to […]

The pg电子游戏平台登录’s Five-Point Media Commitment to supporting BIPOC-owned and targeted media owners

五个承诺:1. Anti-racism We commit to working with agencies against racism. We will use our influence and our resources to eradicate bias of all kinds. We will provide organization-wide bias training, starting with leadership and HR; we will reinforce or create advocacy/allyship programs; and build platforms and initiatives to create change. 我们的工业[…]

pg电子游戏平台登录’s APB Media Responsibility Principles

In order to promote a more diverse and equitable media ecosystem, the pg电子游戏平台登录’s 广告商保护局 presents the following Media Responsibility Principles. 本原则旨在, 在其他方面, encourage the dissemination of factual, accurate information and to combat the spread of misinformation and hate speech. Advertisers and agencies are encouraged to support publishers that […]

平台的广告 & 内容策略

为会员服务, 4的媒体, Tech and Data team has assembled an overview of major social platforms’ ad and content policies – specifically those policies concerning Hate Speech/Organizations, 暴力, Misinformation and Disinformation, 和政治广告.  It is our hope that the overview will provide a measure of clarity and coherence, especially […]

Mid-Sized 机构 Media Directors Committee’s Google 资源 Hub |

Please use this resource center for easy access to things like: Troubleshooting Links Online Training 的见解 & Trends Tools Content will be refreshed regularly. Contact Support Provide basic information on the help you need, and you will be guided to support options (phone, email or online chat) *Note: Phone support is generally available during customer […]

August 2020 Updates to Facebook Terms and Conditions

Changes to Facebook Terms   As you may be aware, Facebook has announced updates to its business terms, 8月31日有效.  In order to prepare you for this change, we have highlighted below the material changes to the Terms , along with an explanation as to why those changes were made.  请看下面,[…]

Inclusion and Exclusion lists to replace Whitelist and Blacklists

For many of us we know that words matter – at their best they can inspire better actions, and at their worst they can cause harm and incite violence. For this reason we are asking all members effective immediately to cease the use of loaded terms used by the industry blacklist and whitelist. 当我们假设[…]

Preparing for a Cookieless Future: Third party Cookies Deprecating from Google Chrome in the Next Two Years |

Original POV doc from Fitzco   June 26, 2020 Update Overview: Google announced earlier this year it will be eliminating third party cookie tracking from its Chrome browser by 2022. This removal has since expanded to device and user IDs as well. This development among others have been accelerated by GDPR and CCPA, which address […]

Local Media Consortium’s 列表 of Approved Publishers

Local 新闻 Inclusion 列表 of Publishers – This downloadable CSV of this list is for advertising buying purposes of local news websites in targets DMA’s in the U.S. Any buyer using this list should use appropriate MRC accredited vendors for audience and ad delivery verification. Access and approval is granted by the Local Media Consortium […]