TikTok 品牌安全 and 适用性 Measurement by Zefr

TikTok 品牌安全 and 适用性 Measurement by Zefr FAQ

TikTok and Zefr have partnered to launch a post-campaign brand safety and brand suitability measurement solution on TikTok.

Why have you partnered with Zefr?
Zefr is a trusted technology provider for brand suitability and brand safety for video platforms, with a track record of building products mapped to the GARM framework on platforms.

Why is this partnership important?
Brand safety and brand suitability are vital for advertiser trust. This partnership is an important step to provide client’s 3P transparency, with video-level insights on their campaign adjacencies.

How Does the solution Work?
Zefr uses Cognition AI technology to review the videos that are running adjacent to ads against the 44 categories found in the GARM 品牌安全 and Brand 适用性 Framework including high, 媒介, 和低风险. Clients will have access to Zefr’s dashboard with video-level transparency against each of the 44 categories to understand their adjacencies.

Is Zefr measuring the entire platform’s Safety and 适用性?
Zefr’s product will measure the Safety and 适用性 on campaigns that leverage TikTok’s pre-campaign Inventory Filter, built for enhanced advertiser control

How is Zefr defining Safety and 适用性?
Zefr maps to the GARM industry standards, the industry common framework for Safety and 适用性 across 44 categories. This allows brands to have video-level transparency against these industry standard definitions.

What markets is this available in?
The solution is currently in testing globally.


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